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Carl and Ellie Wedding Funko Pop! Animation Up PIAB Exclusive 2 Pack Figure Bundle

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Are you ready with a box of tissues? PIAB EXC Disney Carl & Ellie Wedding 2-Pack is here and we’re ready for the festivities to commence!

Childhood sweethearts and adventurers, Carl and Ellie make a lovely couple, even in Pop! form!

It’s true what they say, opposites do attract! When we first meet Carl and Ellie as children, Carl is a shy, quiet boy, whilst Ellie is a boisterous and confident girl. Despite their different personalities, they forge a fast friendship over their admiration of famous adventurer Charles Muntz. Ellie passionately shares her dream of moving her clubhouse to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls and makes Carl promise to help.

This promise had a deeper effect than expected and the next time we see the couple is on their wedding day! This Funko Pop! wonderfully captures the heart-warming and iconic moment from one of Pixar’s greatest features! The timeless love of Carl and Ellie has been immortalised and will add double the magic to your Pop! Disney collections!

This PIAB EXC Disney Carl & Ellie Wedding 2-Pack Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure comes packaged in a window display box and both Figures measure approximately 3-¾ inches tall.